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Hebrew School

We are excited to introduce the Samantha and Sarah Nadal Hebrew School as an exciting and innovative educational program in The Bahamas. The curriculum and program we use enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter in creative Jewish education for children ages 5 through 13. The Hebrew School will have exciting new programs and dynamic loving staff.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Samantha and Sarah Nadal Hebrew School is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children.
Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of your child(ren)'s Jewish identity through our interdisciplinary educational approach. The focus of our dedicated teachers is to inspire a two fold love.  A love for learning and and a love for Judaism while fostering a feeling of familiarity within their heritage for each individual child.
A well-balanced Hebrew School education will develop in our students a commitment to using Torah values as a guide to the decisions of life, community, and life-long learning and teaching.

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